Année 2007

  • Characteristic velocity for inner-shell charge exchange of low energy He ions scattered from polycrystalline Ni surface
    M. Boudjema, K. Belghanem, R. Zemih, M. Richard-Viard and C. Benazeth
    Nucl. Instr. And Meth. B256 (2007) 30-36
  • Monte Carlo simulation of exchange processes in the scattering of 4 keV He+ ions by an amorphous silicon surface
    K. Khalal-Kouache, A.C. Chami, M. Boudjema and C. Benazeth
    Nucl. Instr. and Meth. In Phys. Res. 258 (2007) 40
  • Scattering of low-energy ions from a solid surface : transport theory calculation of the reflection coefficient.
    K. Khalal-Kouache, A. Mekhtiche, A.C. Chami and M. Boudjema.
    Surface & Coatings Technology, 201 (2007) 8420
  • Measurement and DWBA analysis of the 12C(6Li, d)16O α-transfer reaction cross sections at 48.2 MeV. R-matrix analysis of 12C(α, γ )16O direct capture reaction data
    A. Belhout, S. Ouichaoui, H. Beaumevieille, A. Boughrara, S. Fortier, J. Kiener, J.M. Maison, S.K. Mehdi, L. Rosier, J.P. Thibaud, A. Trabelsi, J. Vernotte,
    Nuclear Physics A 793, (2007) 178
  • Indirect study of 19Ne states near the threshold
    N. de Séréville, A. Coc, C. Angulo, M. Assunção, D. Beaumel, E. Berthoumieux, B. Bouzid, S. Cherubini, M. Couder, P. Demaret, F. de Oliveira Santos, P. Figuera, S. Fortier, M. Gaelens, F. Hammache, J. Kiener, A. Lefebvre-Schuhl, D. Labar, P. Leleux, M. Loiselet, A. Ninane, S. Ouichaoui, G. Ryckewaert, N. Smirnova and V. Tatischeff,
    Nuclear Physics A 791, (2007) 251
  • Experimental determination of the reaction rates
    A. Chafa, V. Tatischeff, P. Aguer, S. Barhoumi, A. Coc, F. Garrido, M. Hernanz, J. José, J. Kiener, A. Lefebvre-Schuhl, S. Ouichaoui, N. de Séréville, and J.-P. Thibaud
    Phys. Rev. C 75, 035810 (2007)
  •  γ -ray production by proton and α-particle induced reactions on 12C, 16O, 24Mg, and Fe
    A. Belhout, J. Kiener, A. Coc, J. Duprat, C. Engrand, C. Fitoussi, M. Gounelle, A. Lefebvre-Schuhl, N. de S´er´eville, V. Tatischeff, and J.-P. Thibaud, M. Chabot, F. Hammache and H. Benhabiles-Mezhoud,
    Phys. Rev. C 76 (2007) 034607.
  • Determination of the proton latent tracks in CR 39 detectors using small angle scattering ",  Z. Lounis-Mokrani, A. Badreddine, D. Mebhah, D. Imatoukène, M. Fromm and M. Allab
    Radiation Measurements, september 2007
  • Effects of high gamma doses on the bulk etch rate of two grade CR 39 materials” ,
    S. Brahimi, Z. Lounis-Mokrani, D. Imatoukène, A. Badreddine, F.Z. Abdelaziz and M. Allab
    Radiation Measurements , september 2007
  • Characterisation of the CRNA Bonner sphere spectrometer based on 6LiI scintillator exposed to an 241Am-Be neutron source”
    H. Mazrou , T. Sid Ahmed, Z. Idiri, Z. Mokrani, S. Bedek and M. Allab
    Radiation Measurements (2007) doi :10.1016/j.rad.meas.2007.11.004
  • Effects of the vacuum state on the statistics of classical states N.Alioui, A.Amroun-Frahi and C.Bendjaballah Phys Rev A 76, 043810 (2007)