Année 2005

  • Mean excitation energies extracted from stopping power measurements of protons in polymers by using the modif.ed Bethe –Bloch formula
    H. Ammi, R. Zemih, S. Mammeri and M. Allab
    Nucl. Instr. Meth. B (2005) 68
  • Semi-empirical systematics of (n,p) reaction cross sections at 14.5 MeV neutron energy
    M.Belgaid, A. Tassadit, F.Kadem et A. Amokrane,
    Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B 239 (2005) 303–313.
  • An Optimized setup for determining the bitumen content in asphalt concrete by the neutron reflection method
    Z. Idiri, K.Dekali, S .Bedek, L.Omari, A.Amokrane, M.Belamri, A.Azbouche,
    Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry, vol.265, N°1 (2005) 137-139.
  • Hydrogen Burning of 170 in Classical Novae,
    A.Chafa, V. Tatischeff, P. Aguer, S. Barhoumi, A. Coc, F. Garrido, M. Hernanz, J. José, J. Kiener, A. Lefebvre, S. Ouichaoui, N de Serville and J.P. Thibaud
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 95, 031101 (2005)
  • Modified perturbative method of the negative charge fraction produced by the scattering of H+ ions by a metallic surface.
    K. Khalal-Kouache , A.C. Chami, M. Boudjema, Y. Boudouma
    Phys. Chem. News 21 (2005) 16-19
  • Specular reflection model study of the image effect in He/a :Si scattering at low energy
    A. Hidouche, A.C. Chami, Y. Boudouma, M. Boudjema and C. Benazeth
    Nucl. Instr. and Methods in Physics Research B 230 (2005) 178-184
  • Sputtering yields , range and range straggling in Al following Kr+ ions bombardment in the energy range 20-160 keV
    S. Mammeri, S. Ouichaoui, R. Zemih, H. Ammi, M. Abdesselam, A.C. Chami
    Nucl. Instr. and Methods in Physics Research B 240 (2005) 162-167
  • Measurement of the 3He(e,e’p)pn Reaction at High Missing Energies and Momenta
    F. Benmokhtar, …, A. Frahi-Amroun et al.
    Physical Review Letter 94, 082305, (2005)
  • First observation of 54Zn and its decay by two-protons emission B.Blank,A.Bey,G.Canchel,C.Dossat, A.Fleury, J.Giovinazzo,I.Matea, N.Adimi, Oliveira, I.Stefan ...............Phys.Rev.Lett. 94,232501 (2005)