Année 2006

  • Effects of the projectile electronic structure on the stopping parameters for nickel
    S. Damache, S. Ouichaoui, D. Moussa, A. Dib
    Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Researchs B249, 1-2 (2006) 22-25
  • Study of the influence of phantom material and size on the calibration of ionization chambers in terms of absorbed dose to water.
    M. Arib, T. Medjadj and Y. Boudouma
    J. of Appl. Clinical Medical Physics, 7, 3 (2006) 55-64
  • Energy loss straggling measurements for helium ions in mylar and polypropylene foils”
    H. Ammi, R. Zemih, S. Mammeri and M. Allab

    Radiation Effects and Defects in Solids, Vol 161, N° 6, (2006). 339-346

  • Proton induced L and L-subshell X-ray cross-sections in Sm and Yb at 1-1.2.5 MeV S.Ouziane, A.Amokrane, I.Toumert, A.Nourreddine, A.Pape,
    Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research B 249, 73 (2006).