Année 2006

  • Characteristic velocity for inner-shell charge exchange of low energy Ne ions scattered from a polycrystalline Ni surface.
    M. Boudjema, K. Belghanem, R. Zemih, M. Richard-Viard and C. Benazeth
    22° International Conference on Atomic Collisions In Solids (ICACS22), july 2006 , Berlin, Germany
  • Monte Carlo simulation of charge exchange processes in the scattering of 4 keV He+ ions by an amorphous silicon surface
    K. Khalal-Kouache, A.C. Chami, M. Boudjema and C. Benazeth.
    16th International Workshop on Inelastic Ion-Surface Collisions (IISC-16) (Herstein, Austria, september 2006)
  • Determination of the proton latent track dimensions in CR-39 detectors using scanning electron microscope, FTIR/ATR spectroscopy and small angle neutron scattering,
    Z. Lounis-Mokrani, D. Imatoukène, M. Fromm, et M. Allab
    23rd Int.Conf. on Nuclear tracks in solids , Beijing (China) 11-15 sept. 2006