Année 2013

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Année 2013

-  MeV H+ Irradiation effects on the stoechiometry of polyethylene terephtalate films
Abdesselam,M.,Muller,D.,Djebara,M.,Ouichaoui,S.,Chami,A.C. NIM B 307 (2013), p-635-641.

-  Analytical fits to the synchrotron function
Fouka,M.,Ouichaoui,S. Research in Astronomy and Astrophysics,13 (6) (2013) p-680-686.

-  Stopping power of LiF thin films deposited onto self-supporting Al foils for swift protons
Damache, S., Moussa, D., Ouichaoui, S. NIM B 308 (2013) p-46-53.

-  191.4 keV resonance contribution on 17O (p,alpha) 14N reaction rate using R-Matrix code
Chafa,A. Messili, F.Z. Barhoumi,S. Astrophys. Space Sciences 349 (2014) p-373-377.

-  Electroweak Measurements in Electron-Positron Collisions at W-Boson-Pair Energies at LEP
LEP collaborations, Schael,S.…Benchouk,A.C. et al., Phys. Rep., 532 (2013) 119.

-  Electronic and elastic properties of Mg7TiH16 hydrogen storage material Bouhadda, Y., Bououdina, M., Fenineche, N., Boudouma, Y.Computational Materials Science 78 (2013) p-110-115.

-  Elastic properties of perovskite-type hydride NaMgH3 for hydrogen storage Bouhadda, Y., Bououdina, M., Fenineche, N., Boudouma, Y.International Journal of Hydrogen Energy 38 (3) (2013) p-1484-1489.

-  Determination of heavy metals in suspended waste water collected from Oued El Harrach Algiers River by energy dispersive x-ray fluorescence
Ouziane, S., Amokrane, A., Toumert, I.Journal of Instrumentation 8 (12) (2013) C12045.

-  Inequivalence of canonical and grand canonical ensembles for bosonic systems
Mehdi, S.K., Daoudi, N., Kessal, S. Acta Physica Polonica B44,10 (2013) p-1949-1958.

-  Profiling measurements of metal ion distribution in thin polymer inclusion membranes by Rutherford backscattering spectrometry
Guedioura, B., Bendjaballah, N., Alioui, N. Radiation Effects and Defects in Solids (2013).