Année 2010

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Année 2010

  • Detailed β-decay study of 33Ar  N. Adimi, R. Domínguez-Reyes, M. Alcorta, A. Bey, B. Blank, M. J. G. Borge, F. de Oliveira Santos, C. Dossat, H. O. U. Fynbo, J. Giovinazzo, H. H. Knudsen, M. Madurga, I. Matea, A. Perea, K. Sümmerer, O. Tengblad, and J. C. Thomas Phys. Rev. C 81, 024311 (2010)



  • Symmetric and asymmetric dissociation of  D+scattered from a polycrystalline nickel surface at 1 Kev/u


      M.Hamhami, N.Djouhri, M.Richard-Viard, M.Boudjema


     Vacuum 84 (2010) 1008-1010



  • Low temperature deposition of microcristalline silicon germanium  by RF-PECVD


     A.Fedala, C.Simon,N.Coulon,T.Mohammed-Brahim,M.Abdesselam, A.C.Chami


    Phys.Stat.Solidi c7 N°3-4, 762-765 (2010)
  • Spectral analysis of time-integrated Konus-Wind GRBs : Implication on radiative mechanisms, Fouka,M,Ouichaoui,S, Advances in Space Research Article in press (2010)
  • Effects of the projectile electronic structure on Bethe-Bloch stopping parameters for Ag, Moussa,D,Damache,S.,Ouichaoui,S.,NIM B 268 (11-12) 1754-1758 (2010)
  • Stopping of 0.2-3.4 MeV/amu H+and He+ ions in polyvinyl formal , Damache,S,Moussa,D,Ouichaoui,S, NIM B 268 (11-12) 1759-1762 (2010)
  • Sputtering and crystalline structure modification of bismuth thin films deposited onto silicon substrates under the impact of 20-160 keV Ar+ ions, Mammeri,S,Ouichaoui,S,Ammi,H,Zemih,R, NIM B, 268 (2) 140-148 (2010)