Année 2009

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Année 2009

  • Method to measure composition modifications in polyethylene terephthalate during ion beam irradiation.M Abdesselam, J. P. Stoquert, S. Chami, M. Djebara, A. C. Chami, M. Siad ; Nucl. Instr. and Methods B 267 (2009) 108.

  •  Hydrogen solid storage : First-principles study of ZrNiH3 Y. Bouhadda, A. Rabehi, Y. Boudouma, …International Journal of Hydrogen Energy, 34, 11 (2009) 4997-5002

  • Characterisation of Ni and Ni/Ti contact on n-type 4H-SiC M. Siad, C. Pineda-Vargas, M. Nkosi, D. Saidi, N. Souami, N. Daas, A.C. Chami Applied Surface Science, 256 (2009) 256-260.

  • 4He induced L X-ray production cross sections in Pt and Bi S. Ouziane , A. Amokrane, I. Toumert , A. Nourreddine, Nucl. Instrum. and Methods in Physics Research B 267 (2009) p1764-1766.

  •  A Monte Carlo simulation study’’ R. Khelifi et. al., , Journal of Applied Radiation and Isotopes,67 S359-S361 (2009).

  • Synchrotron and Synchroton self-absoprtion for a power-law particle distribution : asymptotic forms for finite energy range M.Fouka and S.Ouichaouin Astrophysical Journal 707, 278-282 (2009)

  • Dipole strenght in 89Y up to th neutron-separation energy N.Benouaret, R.Schwengner, G.Rusev, F.Doniau, R.Beyer, M.Erhard, E.Grosse, A.R.Junghans, K.Kosev, C.Nair, K.D.Schilling, A.Wagner and N.Bendjaballah Phys Rev C 79, 014303 (2009)