Année 2005

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Année 2005

  • Experimental approach to the dynamics of fission

    G. Medkour, M. Asghar and M. Allab

    Workshop on “Nuclear Structure and Decay Data : Theory and Evaluation”. 4 – 15 April 2005, Miramare – Trieste, Italy.

  • PGNAA with large sample using an Am-Be source

    R. Khelifi et A.Amokrane ‘’

    Technical Meeting, AIEA Large sample (1g-1kg) neutron activation analysis using low flux irradiation facilities Vienna, Austria ( 7-11 November 2005)

  • Systematic studies of (n,p) reaction cross sections at 14 MeV neutrons.

    M.Belgaid, F.Kadem et A. Amokrane,

    FINUSTAR ’05 International Conference on Nuclear Structure Astrophysics an Reactions, Kos Greece (September 12-17, 2005)

  • Proton induced L and L-subshells X-ray Cross-sections in Sm and Yb at 1-2.5 MeV

    S. Ouziane, A. Amokrane , I. Toumert, A. Nourreddine and A. Pape.

    IBA-17 "Ion Beam Analysis" , Sevilla, Spain (26 june - 01 july 2005)

  • Li (a, b, g, l) subshell X-ray production cross-sections and theirs emission ratio in Pb and Au for proton energy 1-2.5 MeV

    S. Ouziane, A. Amokrane and I. Toumert.

    International Conference on "new trends in nuclear physics applications and technologies" NPDC19 (5-9 september 2005) Pavia, Italy

  • Experimental study of the Ecm 183 keV resonances in 17O (p, a) 14N and 17O (p, g) 18F for classical nova nucleosynthesis,

    A.Chafa, V. Tatischeff, P. Aguer, S. Barhoumi, A. Coc, F. Garrido, M. Hernanz, J. José, J. Kiener, A. Lefebvre, S. Ouichaoui, N de Serville and J.P. Thibaud

    Frontiers In Nuclear Structure, Astrophysics and reactions ( FINUSTAR)

    Argean Island of Kos, Greece, September 12-17 (2005)

    Published in AIP Conference Proceedings ,Volume 831 (2006) 304-308

  • Scattering of low energy ions from a solid surface:transport theory calculation of the reflection coefficient.

    K. Khalal-Kouache, A. Mekhtiche, A.C. Chami and M. Boudjema

    14th International Conference on Surface Modification of Materials by Ion Beams, Kusadasi, Turkey (September 2005)

  • R-Matrix analysis of the 10B (p, a) 7Be and 11B (p, a) 8Be reactions at stellar energies

    A. Trabelsi, A. Belhout, M. Fouka, L. Messahel and S. Ouichaoui

    International Conference FINUSTAR (Frontiers at the Nuclear Structure, Astrophysics and Reactions), 12-17 September 2005, Koss, Greece